21st COSMO General Meeting, 9-13 September 2019, Rome (Italy)

Last update: 18 September 2019

This page presents the parallel WGs/PPs sessions. For the main session, see the plenary agenda.

Monday, 9 September 2019
WG1-PP KENDA-O Chair: Christoph Schraff
Claire Merker KENDA activities at MeteoSwiss (MWR, B-matrix) pdf 14:30-14:50
Christoph Schraff KENDA activities at DWD / KENDA status pdf 15:00-16:00
All Discussion 16:30-17:30
WG1/WG7 joint meeting Chairs: Chiara Marsigli, Christoph Schraff
All Opening 09:00-09:10
Daniel Leuenberger KENDA Activities at MeteoSwiss (Lidar, Meteodrones, 1.1km) pdf 09:10-09:45
Christoph Schraff KENDA Activities at DWD pdf 09:45-10:15
Thomas Gastaldo, Virginia Poli Assimilation of reflectivity volumes at Arpae pdf 10:15-11:00
Mikhail Tsyrulnikov, Dmitri Gayfulin Progress in objective estimation of COSMO model errors using coarse graining pdf 11:30-11:55
Elena Astakhova Experiments with SPG pdf 11:55-12:20
Christoph Gebhardt ICON-D2-EPS development at DWD pptx 12:20-12:45
Maj Francesca Marcucci Operational use of Kenda@2.2 km at CNMCA: investigation of a case study. pdf 12:45-13:00
WG2-PT CCE Chair: Michael Baldauf
Michael Baldauf Opening 09:30-9:45
Damian Wójcik Report on the realization of PT-CCE   09:45-10:15
All General Discussion about COSMO-EULAG, Surface coupling in A-grid formulation, Data assimilation in EULAG 10:15-11:00
Michael Baldauf Some results from a toy model with a Discontinuous Galerkin discretization   11:30-12:00
All Discussion about WG2 matters, Higher-order scheme in COSMO, Possible investigations of the dyn. core in ICON 12:00-13:00
WG3a+ART about upper-air physics Chair: Axel Seifert
Axel Seifert Welcome and Introduction 09:00-09:10
Pavel Khain Recent implementation of the CLOUDRAD scheme in COSMO_v5.6: sensitivity studies and cloud-dependent verification of radiation with a semi-operational version at IMS   09:10-09:40
Alexei Polukhov The influence of different aerosol climatological data on weather forecast   09:40-10:10
Marina Shatunova Assessment of a new aerosol-cloud-radiation scheme
Part I: Results with different aerosol settings for the Moscow and Lindenberg areas
Part II: Comparison with ICE-POP field campaign data
Natalia Chubarova Urban aerosol and its radiative effects according to the AeroradCity experiment   10:40-11:10
Martin Köhler ICON radiation research overview: ecRad, ocean albedo including white caps,cloud tuning   11:40-12:10
Harel Muskatel The upcoming Priority Project CAIIR: Clouds and Aerosols Improvements in ICON Radiation   12:10-12:40
Harel Muskatel, All General discussion about future challenges and the organization of cooperation related to cloud-radiation-aerosol interaction 12:40-13:00
Heike Vogel ICON-ART at KIT   14:30-15:00
Alexander Krisanov COSMO-ART at Rosshydromet   15:00-15:30
Jochen Förstner ICON-ART at DWD   15:30-16:00
All Possible extension of talks / Discussion about future ART-related development and applications at the involved institutions 16:30-17:00
All General discussion 17:00-17:30
WG3b-PP CALMO MAX Chair: Antigoni Voudouri
J.M. Bettems Opening pdf 09:00-09:05
A.Voudori CALMO-MAX progress and roadmap pdf 09:05-09:25
E. Avgoustoglou Experimental design pdf 09:25-09:45
I. Carmona Web Conference: Progress on the MM pdf 09:45-10:05
P. Mercogliano CALMO-MAX @ CIRA pdf 10:05-10:20
A.Will CALMO-MAX @ COTTBUS pdf 10:20-10:35
A.Voudori/S.Soerland Joint effort with ETHZ 10:35-10:45
all Discussion on similar calibration techniques 10:45-11:00
WG3b Chair: Jean-Marie Bettems
S. Bellaire PT-SAINT: wrap-up pdf 14:30-14:40
E.Churyulin/I.Rozinkina SNOWE Snow analysis and and SNOWE verification pdf and pdf 14:40-15:00
J.M. Bettems/K.Osterried EXTPAR status pdf 15:00-15:10
J.Helmert EXTPAR: CAMEL emissivity and SoilGrids pdf 15:10-15:30
Y.Ziv/J.M.Bettems PT TERRA Nova: final report pdf 15:30-15:45
D.Regenass/J.M.Bettems TERRA Developments at MeteoSwisss pdf 15:45-16:00
J.P.Schulz/G.Vogel Bare soil evaporation and skin temperature pdf 16:30-16:50
J. Helmert Experiments with Mire parameterization pdf 16:50-17:10
J. Helmert On the road to ICON, status and plans pdf 17:10-17:30
WG4 Chair: Anastasia Bundel
Daniel Cattani (MCH) Latest developments in MeteoSwiss pptx 15:00-15:20
Lt. Col Alessio Canessa (CNMCA) Overview of CNMCA activities and analysis of forecast case-studies pdf 15:20-15:40
Xavier Lapillonne (MCH) Lightning and hail forecast in COSMO-1 pptx 15:40-16:00
Anastasia Bundel Overview of cases of model failures pdf 16:30-16:50
Mazur et al COSMO-PL "failures" pdf 16:50-17:10
Anastasia Bundel Template of forecasters survey for PP C2I Task 5.6 17:20-17:30
WG5 Chair: Flora Gofa
Flora Gofa Set-up and Welcome (minutes) 09:00-9:20
A. Kirsanov-30’ Presentation of seasonal CP reports, round table discussion on results pdf 9:20-11:00
M.S.Tesini-20’ Performance Rose using COSMO CP wind data pdf
N.Vela-25’ FSS for COSMO CP and other activities pdf
F. Gofa, ALL-10’ CP activity content for 2019-20 (discussion)
D. Boucouvala -15’ ICON-COSMO performance on selected convective cases pdf
Pirmin Kaufmann-15’ Optimized gust parameterization for COSMO pdf 11:30-13:00
Cap. Francesco Batignani-15’ Verification practices in CNMCA pdf
F.Fundel-15’ Recent developments of the feedback file verification suite. pdf
Amalia Iriza-Burca-20’ PP-CARMA Status pdf
ALL-25’ PPCARMA: Discussion on MEC/Rfdbk installation experience
A. Bundel-15’ Verification of COSMO forecasts for ICE-POP2018   14:30-15:00
F. Gofa-15’ News from MesoVICT project and any other WG5 issues pdf
Joint WG5-WG4-WG7-PP AWARE Chairs: F. Gofa, A.Bundel, C. Marsigli
Flora Gofa (HNMS) and Anastasia Bundel (RHM) PP AWARE news pdf 15:00-15:10
Andrzej Mazur, Joanna Linkowska, Grzegorz Duniec (IMGW-PIB) Overview of IMGW-PIB tasks within PP AWARE pdf 15:10-15:40
Maria Stefania Tesini (ARPAE-SIMC) QPF verification over catchment areas pdf 16:40-16:00
Chiara Marsigli (DWD) A review of the verification of thunderstorms and fog for ensembles and deterministic forecasts pdf 16:30-16:50
Felix Fundel (DWD) (on behalf of M.Hoff) Object-based ensemble verification of radar reflectivities on the convective scale from SINFONY project pdf 16:50-17:10
All Discussion 17:10-17:30
WG6 meeting Chair: Massimo Milelli
Massimo Milelli Introduction, documentation, web pdf 09:00-09:20
Uli Schättler COSMO SCA report pdf 09:20-10:10
Ines Cerenzia COSMO-LEPS updates pdf 10:10-10:30
Bogdan Maco User Support update   10:30-11:00
Dörte Liermann GRIB2 and EcCodes pdf 14:10-14:40
WG6-C2I Chair: Massimo Milelli
Massimo Milelli
(on behalf of Daniel Rieger)
Overview pdf 14:40-16:00
PP C2I status pdf
A. Iriza-Burca, T. Balacescu, N. Ciubotaru, R.C. Dumitrache ICON Implementation Status at NMA pdf
Status of C2I at CNMCA pdf
Valeria Garbero, Massimo Milelli COSMO to ICON at ARPA-Piemonte pdf
Dimitra Boucouvala HNMS: ICON vs COSMO4 pdf
D. Blinov, G. Rivin, M. Nikitin Transition to ICON in RHM pdf
ICON plans for Arpae-SIMC pdf
E. Bucchignani and P. Mercogliano Installation of ICON LAM at CIRA-CMCC and preliminary experiences pdf
Gilberto Bonatti, Reinaldo Silveira Tuning ICON - LAM for South America: Preliminary results pdf
Trang Van Pham, Christian Steger ICON-CLM regional climate mode of ICON-LAM pdf
WG6-Test Suite Chair: Massimo Milelli
Ines Cerenzia NWP Test Suite pdf 16:30-17:00
Amalia Iriza NWP Test Suite suggestions pdf 17:00-17:30
WG7-APSU Chair: Chiara Marsigli
Chiara Marsigli PP APSU introduction 14:30-14:40
Andrzej Mazur, Grzegorz Duniec Operational and research assessment of EPS running at IMWM in the frame of APSU PP pptx 14:40-15:05
All Discussion about APSU PP (including the morning talks) 15:05-15:30
Giacomo Pincini Ensemble activities at Arpae pdf 15:30-15:55
Cap Marco Alemanno Implementation of the COSMO-IT EPS convection-permitting ensemble prediction system at CNMCA: status and future plans   16:30-16:45
Chiara Marsigli Ensemble products for ICON-D2-EPS with Fieldextra pptx 16:45-17:00
All Discussion 17:00-17:30
Tuesday, 10 September 2019
WG3b-PT SAINT Chair: Sascha Bellaire
S.Bellaire Summary presentation pdf 14:30-15:00
All Discussion 15:00-16:00
WG3b-PP AEVUS, AEVUS II Chair: Paola Mercogliano
P.Mercogliano/A.Bucchignani Introduction pdf 16:30-16:35
M.Milelli/V.Garbero PT_AEVUS @ ARPA PIEMONTE pdf 16:35-16:45
P.Mercogliano/A.Bucchignani PT_AEVUS @ CIRA pdf 16:45-16:55
M.Varentsov PT_AEVUS@RHM pdf 16:55-17:05
J.P.Schulz PT_AEVUS@DWD pdf 17:05-17:15
A.Will PT_AEVUS@Cottbus pdf 17:15-17:25
P.Mercogliano/A.Bucchignani Introducing PT_AEVUS II pdf 17:25-17:30
All Discussion 17:30-18:00
WG6-HPC Chair: Xavier Lapillonne
Lt. Riccardo Scatamacchia Performance and experience porting Bechtold convection scheme on GPU pdf 14:30-14:50
Zbigniew Piotrowski PP CEL-ACCEL pdf 14:50-15:10
Xavier Lapillonne ENIAC Project : ICON port to GPU for climate application using OpenACC and CLAW-DSL pdf 15:10-15:30
Remo Dietlicher IMPACT NWP and plan for GPU pdf 15:30-16:00
Carlos Osuna High level Domain Specific Language and abstraction for NWP and climate models pdf 16:30-16:50
Ulrich Schättler New HPC system at DWD pdf 16:50-17:10
all Discussion, coordination IMPACT project 17:10-18:00