22nd COSMO General Meeting, 1-7 September 2020 (teleconferences)

Last update: 1 September 2020

This page presents the parallel WGs/PPs sessions (note: all times are in CEST). For the main session, see the plenary agenda.

Tuesday, 1st September 2020

WG3a, CAIIR, ART (1st day) Chair: Matthias Raschendorfer
Matthias Raschendorfer Preparation, Welcome 08:15-08:30
Sophia Schäfer Recent development about ecRAD in ICON pdf 08:30-09:00
Ali Hoshiaripour About optical properties of aerosols N/A 09:00-09:30
Alberto de Lozar Tuning radiation for ICON-LAM with two-moment microphysics pdf 09:30-10:00
Harel Muskatel COSMO radiation using ICON-ART dust forecast pdf 10:00-10:30
Break 10:30-11:00
Anika Rohde Aerosols and their impact on snow albedo pdf 11:00-11:30
Jochen Förstner The project PerduS: Daily mineral dust forecasts with ICON-ART for NWP and the assessment of the related reduction of photovoltaic power generation pdf 11:30-12:00
Natalia Chubarova et al. The study of urban aerosol in the atmosphere of Moscow megacity based on measurements and COSMO-ART modelling pdf 12:00-12:30
All Final discussion: Possible new aspects, exchange of ideas, collection of problems to be solved 12:30-13:00
Lunch-Break 13:00-14:30
Harel Muskatel, Sophia Schäfer Coordination of work related to implementing revised parameterizations of optical properties into the ecRAD-version of ICON; Organizing contributions from other projects at KIT, DWD and ECMWF. N/A 14:30-16:00

Wednesday, 2nd September 2020

WG3a, CAIIR, ART (2nd day) Chair: Matthias Raschendorfer
Matthias Raschendorfer Preparation, Welcome 08:45-09:00
Matthias Raschendorfer About a consistent implementation of physics into the ICON heat equation pdf 09:00-09:30
Venjamin Perov, M. Nikitin The use of the spectral algorithm for calculating vertical and horizontal turbulence coefficients in the COSMO-Ru model to forecast stable situations N/A 09:30-10:00
Maike Ahlgrimm A stochastic convection scheme for ICON: Recent development and evaluation. pdf 10:00-10:30
Break 10:30-11:00
Pavel Khain Verification of the new operational ICON-LAM over South East Europe and preliminary tests of its shallow convection schemes pdf 11:00-11:30
Marina Shatunova The assessment of the simulated cloud parameters and CLOUDRAD effect on global radiation and temperature forecast pdf 11:30-12:00
Martin Köhler Status of the new ICON SCM model development environment N/A 12:00-12:30
All Final discussion: Possible new aspects, exchange of ideas, collection of problems to be solved, distribution of work 12:30-13:00
WG7, APSU Chair: Chiara Marsigli
All Opening 11:00-11:10
Chiara Marsigli EUMETET ensemble activities pdf 11:10-11:20
Andre Walser, Marco Arpagaus Highlights of the newly operational COSMO-1E and COSMO-2E pptx 11:20-11:35
Christoph Gebhardt Status of the migration to ICON-D2-EPS pptx 11:50-12:05
Giacomo Pincini Ensemble activities in Arpae pdf 12:20-12:35
coffee break 12:50-13:00
Andrzej Mazur Status and activities in the frame of APSU-PP in IMGW (cntnd.) pdf 13:00-13:15
Pavel Khain, Itzhak Carmona, Alon Shtivelman, Yoav Levi Choosing the optimal sub-ensemble of boundary conditions: testing various options using the cluster analysis pdf 13:30-13:45
All Discussion (including APSU/PROPHECY) 14:00-14:30
WG2 Chair: Michael Baldauf
Michael Baldauf Introduction 09:30-09:45
Michael Baldauf Recent developments in the DG toy model N/A 09:45-10:30
Florian Prill First steps towards a DG-ICON-prototype N/A 10:30-10:45
All General discussion, future possible PPs/PTs 10:45-11:30
SAINT, Snow Model Chair: Sascha Bellaire
JM. Bettems Set-up and welcome N/A 08:45-09:00
S. Bellaire, V. Sharma Status PT SAINT pdf 09:00-10:30
Break 10:30-11:00
L. Braud Snow mask inter-comparison pdf 11:00-11:30
All Discussion of results, final report & ToDo’s 11:30-12:00
Break 12:00-14:30
S. Bellaire, V. Sharma Future work-Surface layer adaptations pdf 14:30-17:00
Future work-Towards ICON N/A
Future work-More features N/A
PP C2I Session Chair: Daniel Rieger
Ines Cerenzia ICON Testsuite pdf 14:00-14:20
Amalia Iriza NWP Test Suite update pdf 14:00-14:20
all Contributions from the participants status
Italy (ARPAE) pdf 14:20-16:40
Italy (ARPA Piemonte) pdf
Italy (CNMCA) pdf
Greece pdf
Poland pdf
Israel pdf
Brazil pdf
Romania pdf
Russia pdf

Thursday 3rd September 2020

WG1/KENDA-O Radar Chair: Christoph Schraff
All Opening 09:00-09:10
Christian Welzbacher, Klaus Stephan et al. Towards operational assimilation of 3d radar data - lessons learned pdf 09:10-09:40
Thomas Gastaldo, Virginia Poli Operational assimilation of radar reflectivity volumes at Arpae pdf 09:55-10:25
Coffee break 10:40-10:50
Kobra Khosravian Study the effect of updating the Hydrometeors (qr, qs and qg) in assimilating  the radar reflectivity pdf 10:50-11:05
Klaus Stephan News on OPERA pdf 11:15-11:25
Uli Blahak News on EMVORADO pdf 11:35-11:50
All Discussion 12:00-12:30
WG1, WG7 Chair: Christoph Schraff, Chiara Marsigli
All Opening 14:00-14:10
Christoph Schraff, Hendrik Reich Developments at DWD pptx 14:10-14:30
Daniel Leuenberger KENDA Activities at MeteoSwiss pptx 14:45-15:00
coffee break 15:15-15:30
Martin Sprengel, Tobias Heppelmann, Christoph Gebhardt Representation of model error in COSMO and ICON (part I & II) pdf, pdf 15:30-15:50
Mikhail Tsyrulnikov, Dmitri Gayfulin Progress with model error evaluation and modelling pdf 16:05-16:25
Elena Astakhova, Dmitry Gaifulin, Mikhail Tsyrulnikov Ensemble prediction experiments with AMPT including soil perturbations pdf 16:40-16:55
WG4 Chair: Anastasia Bundel
all Checking connection, opening 09:00-09.20
Lionel Moret, Daniel Cattani, Daniele Nerini (MCH) MeteoSwiss recent work on ML postprocessing pptx 09:20-09:45
Philipp Bykov (RHM) Machine Learning for postprocessing at  RHM pdf 09:45-10:10
Inna Rozinkina COSMO-ICON-LAM performance of precipitation forecast on the 27th of July N/A 10:10-10:40
Coffee break 10:40-11:00
All Discussion on a template for the analysis of model performance case studies 11:00-11:20
Anastasia Bundel The COSMO-ICON-LAM forecasters’ survey (draft). Discussion of the survey draft docx 11:20-11:45
All Other business, closing the session 11:45-12:00
WG6 Chair: Massimo Milelli
Massimo Milelli Introduction pdf 09:00-09:15
Uli Schättler COSMO SCA report pdf 09:15-10:00
Ines Cerenzia COSMO-LEPS status pdf 10:00-10:20
Bogdan Maco User Support update pdf 10:20-10:50
break 10:50-11:15
Carlos Osuna PP IMPACT Overview and status pdf 11:15-11:50
Günther Zängl Porting Work and Optimizations provided by NEC for ICON pdf 11:50-12:30
WG3b: CALMO-MAX Chair: Antigoni Voudouri
Antigoni Voudouri Project status pdf 08:45-17:30
Edoardo Bucchignani CALMO-MAX @ CIRA pdf
Silje Lund Sørland Calibration activities for regional climate simulations pdf
Itzhak Carmona Status at IMS pdf
Euripides Avgoustoglou Calibration over the Mediterranean Area pdf
Minutes pdf

Friday, 4th September 2020

WG3b: ÆVUS2, CITTA Chair: Paola Mercogliano
JM. Bettems Set-up and welcome 08:45-09:00
P. Mercogliano Opening & Introduction N/A 09:00-09:05
M. Varentsov, H. Wouters, Uli Schaettler Short overview on the status and planning of the ongoing developments/versions of TERRA_URB: 09:05-09:45
TERRA_URB / COSMO official version (U. Schaettler) pdf
TERRA_URB developments/upgrades on urban canopy and vegetation parameters (M. Varentsov, H. Wouters) pdf
WUDAPT-related work (M. Varentsov, H. Wouters) N/A
P. Mercogliano Update on Urban EXTPAR N/A 09:45-10:00
M. Varentsov Activities and Updates Roshydromet pdf 10:00-10:15
V. Garbero Activities and Updates ArpaP - PoliTO pdf 10:15-10:30
E. Bucchignani, F. Repola Activities and Updates CIRA - CMCC pdf 10:30-10:45
Break 10:45-11:00
J.-P. Schulz Introduction to the new PP Città pdf 11:00-11:15
All Open discussion 11:15-12:30
Minutes pdf
KENDA-O Chair: Christoph Schraff
All Opening 9:00-9:10
Christine Sgoff, Elisabeth Bauernschubert et al. Bias correction and assimilation of 2-m temperature and humidity pptx 9:10-9:40
Samuel Monhart Assimilation of Wind Lidar Observations with KENDA-1 pptx 9:55-10:10
Claire Merker Assimilation of Microwave Radiometer Brightness Temperatures with KENDA-1 pptx 10:20-10:35
coffee break 10:45-11:00
Francesca Marcucci Status of COSMO/ICON-KENDA at CNMCA pptx 11:00-11:10
All Discussion 11:20-12:30
AWARE Chair: Flora Gofa, Anastasia Bundel
F. Gofa, A.Bundel Set-up and Welcome (minutes) 09:00-9:15
F.Gofa and A.Bundel Progress of PP-AWARE N/A 09:15-09:30
A.Mazur, A.Bundel, C.Marsigli Summary of Challenges in observing CW/HIW (Task 1) pdf 09:30-09:40
A.Mazur, J.Linkowska Overview of appropriate verification measures for HIW - Survey for assessment of proper verification of phenomena (Task 2.1) pdf 09:40-09:50
D.Boucouvala, F.Gofa Overview of appropriate verification measures for HIW - Role of SEEPS and EDI-SEDI for the evaluation of extreme preci forecasts (Task 2.2) N/A 09:50-10:00
A.Bundel (for A.Murayev) Overview of appropriate verification measures for HIW - Extreme Value Theory (EVT) approach (Task 2.3) ppt 10:00-10:15
A.Mazur, J.Linkowska Verification applications (spatial) to HIW - Verification of forecasts of intense convective phenomena (Task 3.1) pdf 10:15-10:30
D. Cattani Verification applications (spatial) to HIW - LPI in mountain regions (Task 3.2) pdf 10:30-10:45
F.Gofa, D. Boucouvala Verification applications (spatial) to HIW - LPI verif and correlation of microphysical with thermodynamical indices (Task 3.5) N/A 10:45-11:00
break 11:00-11:30
Pante Gregor Verification applications (spatial) to HIW - Comparative verification of NWC and NWP using spatial verif methods (SINFONY) (Task 3.6) pdf 11:30-11:50
MS. Tesini Reports on: DIST methodology tuned on high-threshold events for flash floods forecast evaluation and QPF evaluation approaches. (Task 3.4 and 4.3) pdf, pdf 11:50-12:05
G. Pincini Forecast for the 1994 flood in Piedmont:performance of ensemble system at high resolution pdf 12:05-12:20
A.Bundel or E.Tatarinovich Status of Task 4.1, Postprocessing vs. direct model output (DMO) for HIW ppt 12:20-12:35
A.Mazur Task 4.2. Improving existing post-processing methods pdf 12:35-12:50
I.Rozinkina Task 4.4. Representing and communicating HIW forecast for decision making N/A 12:50-13:00

Monday, 7th September 2020

WG5, CARMA Chair: Flora Gofa
Flora Gofa Set-up and Welcome (minutes) 09:30-9:40
D. Boucouvala Presentation of seasonal CP reports. Round table discussion on results pptx 09:40-10:10
N. Vela FSS for COSMO CP - discussion pdf 10:10-10:40
F. Gofa, all CP activity continuation pdf 10:40-11:00
Break 11:00-11:15
Pirmin Kaufmann Highlights from the verification of the new MeteoSwiss models COSMO-1E and COSMO-2E pdf 11:15-11:35
Maria Stefania Tesini Verification practices in ArpaE pdf 11:35-11:50
Flora Gofa A coherent approach to evaluating spatially precipitation forecasts with limited observations pdf 11:50-12:05
F.Fundel Recent developments of the feedback file verification suite and advances in spatial verification at DWD ppt, pptx 12:05-12:30
lunch 12:30-13:30
Amalia Iriza-Burca Status of PP-CARMA pdf 14:00-14:30
All ”Round table” discussion on MEC-Rfdbk for CP implementation in all services: MeteoSwiss, CNMCA, HNMS, IMGW-PIB, NMA, RHM, IMS, Arpa-PT 14:30-15:30
Amalia Iriza-Burca Future steps for PP-CARMA: Extension? pdf 15:30-16:00
WG3b Parallel Sessions
VAINT Chair: Merja Tölle
all PT VAINT presentation pdf 08:45-10:00
TERRA Chair: Jürgen Helmert
Jürgen Helmert TERRA & TERRA at DWD pdf 10:00-11:00
ModInterim project team Verification highlights of the new MeteoSwiss models COSMO-1E and COSMO-2E pdf
EXTPAR Chair: Katherine Osterried
J. Helmert EXTPAR status pdf 11:30-12:30
Jonas Jucker Improvements in Extpar pdf
WG3b Parallel Sessions Minutes
Collective pdf